About Us

Shop-now.in is an e-commerce platform that specializes in selling imitation jewelry, accessories like watches, and some life-hacking beauty and daily life products. We have a wide range of products, sourced from different manufacturers and maintained in our warehouse. Our collection is trendy, fashionable, and affordable, with a focus on new and unique designs that cater to customers of all ages.


We are committed to selecting the best products for our customers and offering a diverse range of items that cater to all their needs. Our aim is to make shopping for trendy and fashionable items as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Our jewelry collection is particularly popular, featuring a range of styles and designs that are sure to appeal to all tastes and preferences.


In addition to our jewelry collection, we also offer a range of accessories, such as watches, that are both stylish and functional. We understand that customers want products that make their lives easier, which is why we also offer life-hacking beauty products and daily life items that can make everyday tasks more manageable.


At Shop-now.in, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and our dedication to providing them with the best possible shopping experience. Whether you are looking for trendy jewelry, stylish accessories, or practical life-hacking products, we have everything you need to make shopping fun, convenient, and affordable.

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